The two of you are getting married!

It will be a day on which you celebrate your love. A day to enjoy being together: as a couple and with all your guests. A day that requires firm and comprehensive planning but that also leaves room for spontaneity and fun surprises. That is my definition of a fantastic wedding day.

I am eager to help you make your wedding day as distinctive and as carefree as possible. This site gives you a clear indication of how I can help you achieve that and which services I can provide. It also includes an overview showing who will do what, so that you will know in advance exactly what this service will cost.

Wedding planners are born, not made. It involves an instinctive passion for organising things to perfection, for infusing creativity into every little detail. With the help of the network of proven and reliable contacts that I have built up over the years, I am all set to plan your wedding!